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Get used to different with our B100 ASFO

The beauty of biodiesel

Renewable every day

“Vertical grow bags that are bubbling and regenerating the lipids that are gold to this program. We step harvest and repeat the process every day.

I declare this world is so beautiful that I can hardly believe it exists

Vertically Farmed

Optimum light and air as well CO2 capture to increase lipids and the quality of our feedstock

Energy Independence and saving the enviroment as well

By no means am I suggesting that I am the next superhero of the environment (although that would make for an excellent Halloween costume). However, I like to believe that many of us, when equipped with information, will do the right thing. 


Biodiesel is.....

a greenhouse gas reducing, advanced biofuel that is a great alternative for diesel users. Biodiesel is not only sustainable, it’s a more environmentally-friendly, cleaner-burning option that can be used in diesel engines without modification.Our ASFO In fact, decreases greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86%!


Biodiesel is.....

 non toxic and biodegradable. Using biodiesel lowers particulate matter by 47%, reduces hydrocarbon emissions by up to 67%, and reduces smog.


Biodiesel is.....

It’s environmental benefits don’t stop there. The production of biodiesel, in lieu of petroleum diesel, reduces wastewater by 79% and hazardous waste by 96%.


Biodiesel .....

does all this while also providing the highest energy balance of any U.S fuel, a 3.5-to-1 positive energy balance. This means that for every unit of energy input, biodiesel returns an astounding 3.5 units of energy.


Biodiesel is.....

a cleaner-burning, high-performing biofuel made for diesel engines. Biodiesel is primarily made from soybean oil, corn oil, animal fat, and other fats and oils and blended with petroleum diesel. The most common blends sold today are B5 (5% biodiesel, 95% petroleum), B11 (11% biodiesel), and B20 (20% biodiesel) B100 ( 100% biodiesel).


Biodiesel is.....

From prolonging the life of the engine to reducing harmful emissions, biodiesel is a renewable fuel that provides diesel vehicle drivers with many benefits. Biodiesel is an advanced biofuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to nearly 90% compared to petroleum diesel. Biodiesel also displaces toxic chemicals in diesel fuel, making it a healthier choice for you and your family. We can lead the world in biodiesel production, contributing thousands of jobs and millions in household income

Current Process

Full Spectrum lighting, Closed loop enviroment essentially grows out the feedstock to produce the ASTM Biodiesel

Ready to Harvest
Feed Stock Prep
Clean room

Change The World!

Biodiesel Generators instead of Coal Fired Generators

Inspired by the Eastern Sierra's

From Bishop, Mono Lake to Bridgeport CA the Forests of the High Sierras instilled the desire to do better and live cleaner

The air smells sweeter

Carbon Neutral and zero emissions means cleaner air for our bodies and the wildlife we share this round rock with.

"Though We Travel The World Over To Find The Beautiful, We Must Carry It With Us, Or We Find It Not."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Change the World!

Creating Jobs by vertically farming feedstock and processing biodiesel on the floor