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Oil & Meal Portfolio.

Supplying Bio Diesel Feedstock to small scale producers and large scale producers.
Supplying the soapmaker and production soapmaker with products at a competive price and fresh from the crush oils.

Non GMO Palm Kernel Oil.

We import our seeds from Columbia South America from small farms that follow best practices and grow for us

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Rapeseed Oil.

European Rapeseed is 90% of our Business from first gathering point to vessel importing of shiploads to our crush to produce a cold pressed non gmo Oil that also produces a low oil cake meal for animal feed.

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Sunflower Oil

Grown in America in the Plain States this is a "Black Gold" Oilseed that is Non GMO and Organic. Farmed Responsibly

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Coconut Oil.

The meat of the Coconut is processed by a Cold Process that extracts 95% of the sought after oil out of this wonderful versatile fruit

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Grower Contracts

Grow for us and Grow with us! Long Term contracts available upto 5 years! Incentives and Farm Support secure your soil today! Payments in USD.

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Rapeseed Bio Diesel Feedstock for the EU "RED".

Zero Tariffs Zero VAT The Solution to your Supply Chain is our first gathering point to crush Rapeseed Crude.

Bulk Vessel delivery to the port of Discharge MOQ 12KMT

High Protein Low oil cake meal is available as well.

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